Salon Druknya

221 West Main Street
on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall
Single Process
Roots retouch$ 5954
Pulled-through or virgin$ 6964
Foil highlights
Partial, one-color$ 9280
Full, one-color$ 133119
Each additional color$ 10
All-over color between foils$ 20
Add glaze$ 20
Corrective colorstarts at
$ 173
* Price level varies by stylist. Tashi and Sonam are at the first level. Gyaltsen, Laurel, Lindsey, and Packmo are at the second level.

Color & Highlights

Salon Druknya’s stylists specialize in color and foil highlighting techniques, including corrective color. We work with clients seeking bold new looks, subtle enhancements to their hair's own beauty, and even graceful transitions back to natural color.

The coloring products we use at Salon Druknya are the Color Fusion and Shades EQ lines by Redken, and Logics’ Imprints. Each offers a different degree of permanence and coverage. Only permanent color and bleach can actually lighten the hair. Semi- and demi-permanent color are gentler and can be used to darken or tint hair, or as a toner after the hair has been prelightened.

All chemical treatments affect the texture of hair. Our stylists prefer using low-volume developers to minimize this impact, rather than rushing the processing with more-concentrated peroxides. We also offer deep conditioning treatments which can strengthen and restore softness for color-treated hair.

Expect to spend at least 2 hours in the salon for color services, and longer if full foil, multiple processing steps, or corrective work is involved.

ProcessSingle Process Color

Also referred to as all-over color, single process involves an application of one color to all of the hair. This technique can be used to color grey hair, to intensify natural color, or for a bold and dramatic fashion such as all-red hair. We do not recommend single process as a way to achieve blonde hair.

When going to a new color for the first time, color must be applied on the whole head. Subsequent appointments to color the regrowth only require application at the roots of the hair. During processing, the ends may also be refreshed to restore color and luster.

FoilingFoiling / Highlights

Foiling the hair involves weaving out strands with a tail comb and placing them between sheets of aluminum foil, where color is then painted onto the hair with a brush. The foil sheets contain the hair and control which strands receive the color. Typically at least 2 shades are used in creating a natural look. Our pricing is based on the number of colors used. Hair can be woven coarsely in the foils to yield dramatic streaks, or finely woven for subtlety.

When highlighting hair, it may not be possible to go directly to the desired color without first prelightening the strands, then toning with a glaze. Glazes can also be used to add shine and luster to the hair without alterring its color.

We offer both partial and full foil services. With the partial, foils are placed only on top of the head and in the hairline area, whereas the full foil also includes the hair underneath. A partial takes significantly less time than the full foil, and comes at a lower cost. We recommend full foil when getting highlights for the first time. Often a partial foil is sufficient for maintenance between full foils, or if the highlight color is subtle.