Salon Druknya

221 West Main Street
on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall
Photo of Gyaltsen

Gyaltsen Druknya

Gyaltsen grew up as a nomad in northeast Tibet, riding horses, herding yak, and singing from the mountaintops. After leaving Tibet, he became a different type of nomad, travelling from country to country in Asia until he eventually came to the United States. In 2005 he began his career as a hairdresser, studying under John Carden, and he now serves as one of Salon Druknya’s junior stylists.

Gyaltsen enjoys art and has a particular affinity for calligraphy, but his true passion is for the future of his homeland. In conjunction with Salon Druknya and Charlottesville community leaders, he steadily organizes benefits for the Tibetan Healing Fund’s work in transforming rural Tibet, and is constantly eagar to meet people who believe in his vision for Tibet.