Salon Druknya

221 West Main Street
on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall

Salon Druknya's Staff

Gyaltsen Druknya

Gyaltsen grew up as a nomad in northeast Tibet, riding horses, herding yak, and singing from the mountaintops. After leaving Tibet, he became a different type of nomad, travelling from country to country in Asia until he eventually came to the United States. In 2005 he began his career as a hairdresser, studying under John Carden, and he now serves as one of Salon Druknya’s junior stylists.

Gyaltsen enjoys art and has a particular affinity for calligraphy, but his true passion is for the future of his homeland. In conjunction with Salon Druknya and Charlottesville community leaders, he steadily organizes benefits for the Tibetan Healing Fund’s work in transforming rural Tibet, and is constantly eagar to meet people who believe in his vision for Tibet.

Photo of Gyaltsen

Tashi Druknya

Born and raised in India, Tashi came to America in 1992 as part of the Tibetan Resettlement Project. She soon relocated from Santa Fe to Charlottesville, where she apprenticed under John Carden. She has extensive experience in color formulation and foil highlighting, her favorite service.

Tashi is now one of Salon Druknya’s senior stylists and has overseen our apprenticeship program since 2006. Her first student completed training in 2008.

Photo of Tashi

Packmo Tsow

Packmo has lived since 2001 in Charlottesville, where her family business became part of the vibrance of the City’s Downtown Mall. She long dreamed of being a hairdresser, and her dream came true in 2006 when she began her apprenticeship at Salon Druknya under the direction of John Carden and Tashi Druknya.

Packmo has a strong attention to detail and a unique sense of observation and insight for an individual’s daily social appearance. In addition to serving as one of our hair designers, Packmo also offers eyebrow, lip, and chin waxing.

Photo of Packmo

Laurel Lorigan

Laurel has been a resident of Charlottesville since 2004 and has been with Salon Druknya for almost as long. She hails from Southern California and attended school in Berkeley where she obtained a bachelors degree in Landscape Architecture. She and her husband Chris moved back to Chralottesville after spending two years in Portland, Oregon “just to see what it was like”. Conicidentally, that is also how she ended up in Virginia in the first place. Laurel currently lives in Belmont with Chris, her two dogs Banshee and Mowgli and her baby daughter, Faye Lily.

Photo of Laurel

Sonam Dekyi

Hailing from Lhasa, Tibet, Sonam loves art, reading, styling hair, and being with her kids. Since leaving her homeland, her travels have taken her to 12 countries around the world. She has visited Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kathmandu, and most recently Reykjavík, Iceland.

Sonam’s professional life has been full of creative endeavors, from acting in film to teaching Tibetan language courses at the University of Virginia. She began her career as a hair stylist in 2001 apprenticing under John Carden. Sonam was happy to return to Salon Druknya in the summer of 2008, where she continues to serve as one of our senior stylists.

Photo of Sonam

Lindsey Gerner

Born in Roanoke, Virginia, Lindsey spent her early years at beautiful Smith Mountain Lake. There she developed a love for art which grew and led her to attend Virginia Commonwealth University’s renowned college of art. Lindsey graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, and later apprenticed at Salon Druknya from 2008 to 2010. She continues to paint professionally.

Photo of Lindsey