Salon Druknya

221 West Main Street
on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall
Our Standard Service Fees
Regular Perm / Body Wave$ 105
Spiral Perm$ 152
Relaxer$ 150
Bio Ionic Straightening$ 500
Bio Ionic services are performed only by Sonam.

Texture Services

We offer permanent straightening, wave, and curling services for all types of hair.

Regular & Spiral Perm

Perms can add wave, body, or curl to otherwise-straight hair. The effect is permanent upon the hair it’s applied to; however, regrowth from the roots will come in with its own natural texture.

For a regular perm, the hair is chemically treated and set in large rollers, adding wave. For a spiral perm, the hair is wound tightly in small rollers, with results that mimic naturally curly hair.

Bio Ionic Straightening

Bio Ionic, or Bionic straightening is a form of thermal reconditioning, widely known as Japanese hair straightening. It can eliminate frizz, soften curls to waves, or even produce pin-straight hair. Like a permanent wave, the treatment is permanent on the hair it’s applied to, but regrowth will come in with its natural texture and requires retouching to match with the straightened portion of the hair shaft and preserve the smooth texture.